Thursday, April 21, 2005

such love

Kelly emailed me yesterday...

oh mom ... i've never felt second to Rob ... im glad u see me as strong as u do ... cus sometimes i dont feel it ...

I trust she wouldn't mind me sharing her words. How awesome this young woman is! God has truly given us an amazing relationship and we both credit Him with that gift.

It's funny ... for Christmas of 1999, Kelly gave me the most beautiful gift. I wish I could get a picture of it, but I seem to be somewhat challenged in that area.

She was married in June of 1999. During the pictures before the wedding, the photographer had Kelly and I stand close together and look at each other. She was (IS) so beautiful, my eyes filled up with tears. I was so happy for her that day! She leaned over and rubbed my nose and we both erupted in wails of laughter. That is so common for us ... we truly have a good time together.

The photographer caught it all ... but I didn't know because Kelly did not show me those proofs. Really, those pictures represent the friendship we have.

She cross stitched a beautiful mat for them and framed them. On the mat:
a dove - to represent my love of Christ
a cat - cause I love them so much, and
"You Will Always Be My Very Best Friend"

Beautiful and extremely precious to me.

That is the beautiful woman she is. I remember my Mother telling me how lovely our relationship was. We had that same friendship as I grew up. She didn't have to be a mother, I didn't have to be a daughter - and the relationship was not the other way around either. We were just friends and loved to do things together.

Kelly and I have often remarked how we have that same relationship.

With all the success I have achieved in Ministry and as a "Scholar" ... my biggest joy has been motherhood. Even with the loss of Robert for these years, I have still felt a success because I must have instilled enough strength into that boy that he had the confidence that he could make it on his own.

I pray that Kelly learns some day to see herself through my eyes. She is strong. She is a remarkable woman and mother. She is in a busy time in her life and one day she will look back upon this time and wonder how she survived in one piece. (We all know it is the grace of God!) But ... she will also look back upon this time and regard it as the most amazing time - raising Jadzia.


me said...

hi! found you through gayla's blog. what an awesome relationship it sounds like you & she have.

Carolyn said...

thank you,april. we do indeed and i am so very thankful for my daughter.