Thursday, April 14, 2005

Happy Dance ... I KNEW it!

My daughter Kelly emailed me today.

It seems she had a visitor yesterday. Guess who?? ROBERT!

Apparently he is looking fantastic. He's a body guard or security guard, one of the two, I'm not sure. But he called and asked if he could see her. She said he looks amazing. Mature, fit, neat. Clean - no drugs. I'm so thankful ...

I'm doing a happy dance!! Wannna dance with me???!

This is amazing. Do you think he's close to home??!!! No wonder I've been praying so very hard. This is the most amazing thing and the most I've heard of him in almost 5 years! How many ... 5 times in 10 days! Yiippeeeee ... I can barely contain my excitement.

One of my friends last night - actually SaltnLight said that she thought all my recent struggles are because Satan knows Robert is close to coming home and he's trying to steal whatever joy I've got. I wonder ...

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Gayla said...

What can I say but WOW!!!! Things are moving right along. I'm so praying that a reunion will be taking place very soon. I'm glad that the report on Robert is a GOOD one!