Tuesday, April 12, 2005

God has heard Ephriam ....

I keep thinking on the last part of the Scripture the Lord gave me yesterday ...

"I have heard Ephraim moaning:
You disciplined me, and I have been disciplined like an untrained calf.
Restore me, and I will return, for you, Lord, are my God.
After I returned, I repented;
After I was instructed, I struck my thigh [in grief].
I was ashamed and humiliated because I bore the disgrace of my youth.

Isn't Ephraim a precious son to Me, a delightful child? Whenever I speak against him, I certainly still think about him. Therefore, My inner being yearns for him; I will truly have compassion on him.

[This is] the Lord's declaration. Set up road markers for yourself; establish signposts! Keep the highway in mind, the way you have traveled."

I've always held on to the promise that Robert would come home through this Scripture. I know that theologically there are other intepretations to this Scripture in regard to Israel and the lost tribes, etc., but the Lord has always quickened my heart to this part above.
Ephriam ... think on who Ephraim represents ... I wish I had time and space and wisdom to truly build this to express what was planted into my heart ...
He was the second son of Joseph. Manassah and Ephraim. Ephraim, according to the Message Bible, means Double Prosperity. Joseph said, "God has prospered me in the land of my sorrow."
Robert represented that at his birth to his father and I.
In Genesis 48:30 and on, Abraham was giving the patriarchal blessing to his people. When it came time for Joseph's clan ... Abraham wanted to give Ephraim the blessing of the first born. Joseph moved his hand away, but Abraham moved it back. This set up a jealous rivalry between the people of Ephraim and Judah that I do not have time to build upon here. Truth be known, I believe God is going to develop this undertstanding further very soon.
Ephraim left the Kingdom of Judah. Think on this ... Judah was always kept alive because God had promised David that there would always be the line kept open for the throne. Christ came from the line of Judah. The Church comes from the line of Judah.
Ephraim ran. He ended up in sin. Eventually, Samaria came out of the land of Ephraim. All the sins of the Prodigal son.
Robert ran. Do you see the similarities ...
So if we read the above Scripture again ... I believe God is telling me that He has disciplined Robert. That Robert is indeed on his way home from the land of the enemy. God has truly had compassion upon us both.

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