Monday, April 04, 2005

A truly amazing Man of God ...

I wish that I were as adept at blogging as some of my dear friends who have posted wonderful pictures, links, etc., about Pope John Paul II ... but alas, I am not.

This is, however, my feeble attempt at expressing my thoughts over this incredible man.

I come from one of those Pentecostal type denominations where there are some people who have some negative things to say about the Catholic Church. It has always broken my heart, and I am sure, the Father Heart of God Almighty when brothers and sisters act so. I've always preferred to focus on the unity of the faith, rather than our divisions.

I have so many beautiful friends who love the Catholic Church and her style of worship. They love the Lord so much ...

The more I learned in Bible College through three degrees, the more I understand man made doctrine just plain stinks. We all have our favourite verses and doctrines ... well, I digress.

I have been impressed in the Spirit with few people in the way I have been impressed with Pope John Paul II. Not that that puny approval really matters, I am just flesh. But this man ...

When he came to Toronto for World Youth Day, I was intimately involved in the transportation side of things. I watched with great interest the individuals who had journeyed to see this man. The youth ... who usually will not give an adult the time of day, let alone an elderly man ... well, they were enthralled with him.

His presence .. oh my ... even over the television ... oh my. No wonder those who were blessed by him left in tears. Each one told of feeling the love of God in such a way ... all they could do was cry.

I believe that the Spirit of the Lord was alive within Pope John Paul II and certainly was all over him in his incredible capacity as leader of this great group of Christians.

I have never had any Catholic training. I do not know much about the office of the Pope, other than a vague understanding that he is believed to represent God on earth. Well, I believe God honoured that position in him.

The world has lost a truly great man.

His work on earth is done. And it was well done.

I pray wholeheartedly that the Cardinals hear the voice of the Lord and elect a man who will truly be God's man for this hour. Pope John Paul II, I believe, has taken us into the end of the end of days ... he has left a legacy of love and peace and unity that will be a tough legacy to pick up ... but God's person for the job will do it.

Funny, I just finished reading 2 Samuel and am into 1 Kings. The writer of "The Message Bible" - I wholeheartedly recommend reading through the Bible in this translation! Awesome! - anyway, the writer talked about the Kings ... how they were not God's plan for man ... but how God's plan was realized anyway - in spite of their fleshiness and mistakes.

I find great comfort in that.

This is truly an amazing time in history. And we have a front row seat. Wow. It humbles me beyond humility and I want so much to hear the voice of the Lord clearly in these times.

May He continue to anoint us to complete the work He has given us all.

I know that Pope John Paul II heard .... "Well done, good and faithful servant, now enter my rest."

My sincerest condolances to my Catholic friends. I know that you feel very much like you have lost a Father ... and indeed you have. My prayers are for you today and always.


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saltnlight said...

Wow so true

~m2~ said...

carolyn, you are a precious woman of God and i can say you have never *held* my Catholicism against me (neither has gayla, for that matter!) it is a tough thing to try to explain what draws me to the faith, but draw it does and i am so happy that i have met people that look at my heart and not at my *feeble* understand of the church's theology.

the same with JPII. he was an awesome, holy man of God and it shone through. he also loved the children and it was reciprocal which is also wonderful.

i am rambling while i should be lying with this bad soon :)

Carolyn said...

Penni, I'm so glad you didn't "hold" my Protestantism against ME! Our brothers and sisters have done way too much damage dividing and trying to conquer ... I love your heart for the Lord, just as I love Gayla and Michelle's.

Oh, and by the way ...

Gayla, meet Michelle,
Penni, meet Michelle,
Michelle, meet Gayla and Penni, they are two of my dearest friends in the world.

Their blogs are amazing.

I'm glad we all found each other.

And ... Pen, how are you feeling girl? You might be a Romans, and I might be Psalms ... but we both can whine our way through the ouchies with the best of 'em.

*wink* You know I lubs you.

Carolyn said...

Another thing? I can understand your attraction.

I would love to have communion and an homily every day. To walk around the Stations of the Cross ... all of the honour and glory and respect of the mass.

It is your heart that matters, dear one. That's what the Lord looks at and in that area, we are soul sisters, big time. I have always loved your heart.

*hugs* - I ramble, I'm sorry, it must be the fever. Now I'm off to bed.