Monday, October 31, 2005

Commiting everying to God!

tonight was our third cleansing stream evening.

i have been involved in this ministry for almost 10 years and have led the seminar for the last four.

God has blessed me with the most incredible group of people this time around. they are so hungry for the Lord and for His presence in their lives, we can barely stop at 10:00. i'm sure if i did not close the door and turn off the lights that they would still be there praying and praising God until 1:00 in the morning! what a blessing!

our first two sessions focused on 'walking in the Spirit'. Tonight we talked about 'committing everything to God'.

to hear these precious people talk about how God has led them through the last two weeks ... shown them when they are in flesh, helped them to walk in the Spirit ... and the testimonies that they have about His great faithfulness in their lives ... well, it is so satisfying.

i've come home revived. rejuivinated. renewed. refreshed.

how thankful i am for these days ... and how i realize after all these years ... it is so easy to find ones-self in the flesh ... sigh.

He's a good God and i guess i do not have to tell you what i commited into His precious, capable Hand this evening.

thank You Lord!

Thankful for His keeping grace

it's been a long few months.

i've been reflecting on what has happened and the challenges we face. even yesterday when i went to visit with sr. pastor (my boss) and his wife, i am so aware of the challenges those in ministry are facing right now.

i see it in my practice. marriages are challenged. people are tired and stressed. they're looking for something ...

i have many non-Christian clients because of the Employee Assistance Plans i work with. this has truly been a blessing for me. what an outreach! people come into the office and they immediately sense the peace and tranquility there. it's not me. that office is consecrated to the Lord. His presence is truly there in a precious way.

what an outreach to offer this place of peace and sanctuary to seeking people ... they are looking for that peace that passes all understanding that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus!

but i digress ...

what i have been thinking on this morning is God's keeping mercy. my daily practice is to soak in the tub in the morning and read my Bible. the Lord blesses me with sweet communion of Spirit, and often i am overwhelmed that i have read 10 or more chapters before i stop. He is showing me a consistency in the Scriptures i have not seen before.

today it was romans. after chapter 12 i had to get out of the bath and start to get ready for my day. robby is struggling today ... he was up all night with a terrible croupy cough and he's wanting to sleep in a little later. it's 11:30 and he must get up as my first client is 1:00. (today is his study day at my office)

i want to cry with all that is going on in our house. there doesn't seem to be any place where i can get my peace ... the oppression is strong ...

then the Lord met me in my tub. lol. we had a time of sweet conversation. He infused me with strength and peace. He gave me the love and desire to make it through one more day with the issues we have been challenged with.

today is the first day of my fast. i am praying for His wisdom. we've been here before with milly and robby and yet, i still do not have the peace i need to tell her to leave. how He loves her. i need more of that ... i also need to know how i can possibly help this girl if she is to be left here for us to help.


that's why i'm fasting. there is no other way to get to the heart of God for me right now.

thank you penni, for your comments to yesterday's post. the Lord wouldn't let your comments out of my head ....

Saturday, October 29, 2005

What about this room?

the entrance to the room ...

this is the laundry pile!

This is what milly's room looks like today.

does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get her to get this place under control?

we've tried contacts. we tried threats. we've begged. we've cried. now we're at the point of telling her to leave.

my concern is that robby will leave with her ... it's obviously not the best choice, but it is his choice. if i could work this out in a respectful manner maybe we will not lose everything we've worked so hard to gain.

ack. sob.

Monday, October 10, 2005

her true personality

although the picture we chose is very peaceful, this is Jadzia's true personality. i love the photographer, she sets up a booth in the local mall and takes the pictures in this little black 'booth' ... you can see kelly's hand to the right, mom stands in a little alcove.

She then uses an advanced version of 'photoshop' and adds a background. last year we chose a garden, this year we chose the top steps of a church. you can see the door behind her. it's very pretty.

when we were finished, Jadzia just stood up and started to dance for the 'crowd' which had formed. the photographer caught it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

last year's picture ...

how she has grown.