Monday, October 10, 2005

her true personality

although the picture we chose is very peaceful, this is Jadzia's true personality. i love the photographer, she sets up a booth in the local mall and takes the pictures in this little black 'booth' ... you can see kelly's hand to the right, mom stands in a little alcove.

She then uses an advanced version of 'photoshop' and adds a background. last year we chose a garden, this year we chose the top steps of a church. you can see the door behind her. it's very pretty.

when we were finished, Jadzia just stood up and started to dance for the 'crowd' which had formed. the photographer caught it.


Purechristianithink said...

Very cute. My five year, peeking over my shoulder while I blogged, wanted to know who that little girl was and where she got that pretty dress.

Gayla said...

Hi my friend. Wow, I've felt so discumbobulated as of late!!!! I need to catch up.

This picture is absolutely too precious!!! I love it. The photographer truly captured Jadzia's adorableness! (is that even a word?!)

Carolyn said...

hey gayla! thanks for stopping by. glad you like the pictures. she is my little doll for sure.

glad your daughter liked the dress, purechristian!