Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Picture of Grandbaby

So long ...

I realize with surprise that it has been over a month since I last posted. Dear, Precious Husband (DPH) and I have both been struggling with upper respiratory illnesses and it has taken all my energy to simply keep the church responsibilities and ministry running.

I have still to move to the new Church ... but expect that I will be completely moved over by the latter part of April, following the end of semester at the College. Until I complete that work, it does not make sense as my present office is around the corner from the College.

My practice is exploding in my home area and the new church, but I have literally had no new clients at the old office in 2 months. I guess that is confirmation that I must move!

God is good through all this.

As many of you know, I give a lot of free counselling. I cannot say no to people who cannot pay and who genuinely need the help. DPH has often questioned my motives, especially when the bank account is close to 0 and I'm denying myself 10 clients a week at $100.00! But I know the Lord is calling me to do this.

Well, I received a precious gift from the Lord last week. One of my former associates had a time share come available to her in St. Maartens at a 4 star hotel for just the cost of the airfare and she invited me to join her.

So ... we are travelling this Saturday for a week at the cost of just over $700.00! Can you believe it? It is well over a $4,000 Cdn vacation. We had to put it on the credit card ...

God is good. I am thinking that He is giving me a much needed Sabbath rest and I cannot tell you how I am looking forward to it. I cannot express how thankful I am at the opportunity to rest for an entire week! *sigh*

Money is so tight that I cannot buy new clothes and since I've gained weight with all of the medication for a recurring sinus infection, there are few clothes that I can fit into to take with me. But that's ok. I'm just going to be thankful for my old clothes and pack them up and be thankful when I am laying on the beach with my Bible and my dear friend and my Lord.

Doesn't it sound great? Pictures to come ...