Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Prodigal's Sister

As the Prodigal slowly makes his way home ... thank You Lord, you've shown me his progress ... my heart and my thoughts turn to his sister.


She is the most amazing woman. She's 28, married to such a great guy, and she has the most amazing child - Jadzia. (Look in March for a picture of her, I still cannot figure out how to post to this ... blush)

She had her own moments in her late teens. But it did not last long. I will never forget the Mother's Day of 1995. She came around the corner of our garden after several months of "time out" with a beautiful plant and a hug. What a precious woman she is.

I had a lot of struggles during their youth. Broken marriage, shift work, single parenthood, financial insufficiency, and my own emotional, spiritual and eventually physical brokenness. It couldn't have been easy being my kids. But He gave them to me - what precious gifts they were during those years. Many, many times ... it was Kelly and Robert who kept me alive when things were so tough. Especially when my mom and dad died three weeks apart in 1992. I barely made it through those years ...

And what a call God has on her life!

So I wonder if she has ever felt second best to Robert? If her faithfulness and steadfastness are not appreciated? If I have told her enough how very deeply and dearly I love her ... what a precious bright light she is in my life. Sometimes we do not tell those who are so faithful in our lives how precious they are.

Kelly has been the glue that the Lord has used to hold me together these last five years. She's loved me as best she could from her understanding. When she became a mom, she really understood the grief and has been a consistent, loving support. She always let me know almost immediately when she had any news of Robert ...

She's a beautiful jewel in the eye of her mom and her God.

I love you, precious Kelly. More than I can ever express to you in the short time I have on this earth. Please, do not ever doubt that.


saltnlight said...

Carolyn that was touching ....I blessed your children are. G.od is bringing home the fruit of your tears my dear friend

~m2~ said...

carolyn, does kelly read this?

if not, please print a copy out and tuck it away in her mother's day card. it will mean more to her than anything.

you are precious. God's timing is perfect and He has it all planned out. by your patience you possess your soul (if you've seen my soul anywhere around here, let me know! ;))

Carolyn said...

yes, kelly has read it and she sent an email to me *sobbing* ... unfortuantely i accidently deleted it. :( ... she knows how much i love her, but i needed to tell her that. she's precious to me beyond words.

Carolyn said...

Oh, good. I found it in my "trash" folder. I cannot believe I deleted it! I hope Kelly doesn't mind me sharing it, but it meant the world to me ...


oh mom ... i've never felt second to Rob ... im glad u see me as strong as u do ... cus sometimes i dont feel it ...


We never see ourselves as strong as we really are, do we?