Friday, April 15, 2005

Fear is ...

So I am reading Joyce Meyer's new book ... Approval Addiction. I figure my clients can use it ... lol.

And she slams me right between the eyes. Then the Lord comes along and quietly says ... "yup".

"Fear is ... simply faith in what Satan says."

*ouch* *wimper* *groan*

I am so sorry, Lord. I had more faith in what Satan was telling me last night than in what You have told me time and time again through Your "Still Small Voice", You Word, Your Prophets, and Your people. Please forgive me for my lack of faith. Please anoint me to stand hard and strong against the enemies in my life. I simply choose to stand fast and hard on You and to let everything else that looks like you are not working go right past me as the lie it is.
I will not allow Satan to steal my joy!
Thank You Lord.


spiritual ingenue said...

OUCH is right. ugh... and I experienced this very thing this week in a situation with my daughter and her school assignment. Fear overtook me, but I heard God's small voice tell me "Child, haven't you learned?"


Carolyn said...

so true. this crucifying of the flesh is painful stuff!

saltnlight said...

hmmmm...Isn't it so like our loving Father to directed us to things( books, people, tapes ect) to help us in our particular circumstances? He is sooo good isn't He?

Anonymous said...

ouch is right!!!

ouch, but true