Thursday, April 07, 2005

the church ...

i've heard a couple of people talking about "the church" of late.

how the vague "they" are not loving ... how "they" are not inclusive ... how "they" do not extend the hand of Christ enough ... how "they" were rude ... how "they" did not say hello to me .... usually there is a specific person or persons in mind, but that specific person or persons remain unnamed.

this is not being critical of my friends. I understand their concern and frustration, but, i find it interesting because suddenly i realized how much *i* used to say this. as i type, i have the picture of the faces of many "theys" over the years. and i remember the pain.

but ... who is the church? what is the church? is it not me? is it not you?

i saw the hipocrisy ... i saw the division ... i saw the pain ... but i did not see myself. i was right in there with "them". when i went to church, i was only interested in how people treated *me*. or i saw how "they" treated others ... somehow "they" did not have to include "me".

see what i mean?

then i asked the Lord. what? what is going on? why will "they" not change? how can i make "them" change? throw a bomb in the church service will you Lord and stir "them" up???!!!!

you know what He did?

He stirred *me* up.

He called *me* to bring unity. He called *me*" to do the things that "they" had not been doing. He called *me* out of the world and a high paying job. He brought *me* to Bible College and anointed me to get a doctorate. He yanked on *my* chain to show *me* the new person in the pew who needed some love and attention. He took *my* time and *my* income to minister to provide professional counselling at a drastically reduced cost. He gave *me* the anointing to provide incredible healing to these precious people in record time.

*HE* did the work. It's His job anyway.


~m2~ said...

which is precisely why, my dear sister, i am going to go for parish council. easier to sit in the pew and point fingers than it is to escape my comfort zone (which i've never really been afraid to do, actually) and come up with ways to help instead of hinder.

church starts with *me*.


saltnlight said...

I agree with both of you. People need to be willing to grow, once they do that it will take the focus off the me me me me stuff and my needs. They then become part of the solution. People are all hurting so we should expect a few scratches and bruises now and again.

I have been guilty of that. Speakikng of which ...

Carolyn I owe you an apology, for just last Wednesday... I originally took ofense and the enemy was yaking in my ear. I know you were not the only one who didn't see me. I was going down the offensive path and the Lord said to me "let it go, you know they love you there is a reason for this....leave it alone." I appriciate you coming and saying then the offense that tried to creep in was already gone. Basically Cause I know you "LUBS ME" no worries no ugly offense here.

****hugs**** realizing I haven't blogged all week ....please don't send the Blog Patrol or the Blog police, the Blog Squad. I will return to my blog :)