Monday, April 04, 2005

God is In Control

This is so neat.

I went to see the doctor this morning about my tummy. It seems I either have an ulcer or gallbladder infection ... he has sent me to get an ultrasound this afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to cancel all of my appointments ...

Since He is in control, this is not going to matter, is it?

Well ... on to my story ...

Dr. AhNow has been our family doctor for almost 20 years. Robby was just a little baby when we moved out here and first came to his office. He's been through it all with us ... my illness, healing, returning to school, Robert's disappearance, getting my own doctorate .. it all.

So, he walks in the office and he says ... 'so, you've found your son!'

I said 'what?!'

It turns out that Robert came to see him just a few weeks ago for a check up. He couldn't tell me any more - you know, confidentiality - but he did say that Robert is healthy and looking very well.

I've got to tell you ...

I immediately knew by the Spirit of the Lord that this is proof Robert's heart is being turned back to home! Yeah, God! See how much God cares about us? When I'm feeling lowest and needing a hug, He sends one in the form of good news. He is indeed still on the throne.

Not that I ever questioned it ... it is just nice to receive a message from the Throne Room from time to time. Praise Be His Holy Name!!!!


Gayla said...

Think your visit to the doctor was providential?? ;)

I'm so happy that you heard good news about Robert. (I do hate it that you may have an ulcer or gallbladder problem, though)

Take care, keep us updated...about everything.

saltnlight said...

God is soooo good. Thank you Father that Robert is coming home and that you are doing a new and marvelous thing in him. What fantabulous news. Thank you Lord that you are the great comforter and healer of all Carolyn's hurts and pains....Thank you for Carolyn's divine healing, hey He did it once He can do it again. Amen
Love yah

~m2~ said...

that is so cool, kk. i love that He is so concerned for you that He allowed a belly ache to send you to the doctor's.

who knew?

Carolyn said...

yup - who knew. He's so good.

The ultrasound was not fun. unfortunately it stirred stuff up and now i'm in pain again. it looks like there is an infection for sure as i am now running a fever.

the fact that i went into the office, had a client, had a church board meeting and taught a college class may have nothing to do with it right?

sometimes i hate being self employed. *wink*

thanks for your prayers.