Sunday, May 01, 2005


I can't believe I have lived outside of Toronto all these years and I haven't had time to spend a week at the Toronto Blessing ...

That's why I haven't been around for the last week ... wow.

I spent the entire time doing *carpet time* or *soaking*. Oh my, I'm undone.

Now I know why I couldn't get satisfied in my time with the Lord. It seemed that no matter how much time I spent in prayer and worship, Bible reading or teaching, I was still starving for the presence of God. I couldn't understand it. I asked the Lord to show me why and He seemed silent.

What I didn't realize was that He had answered me, I just didn't know it yet. He had told me to go to this retreat/conference months ago and I was awaiting it with great anticipation. I didn't realize that it was to be an answer to so many prayers.

More on this later .... dinner calls ...

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~m2~ said...

welcome back, sister!

i check in on you through my bloglines and knew you hadn't posted, but wasn't sure where you were.

glad you had a God time :) tell us all about it, m'kay?