Saturday, May 14, 2005

my ankle

i'm still on crutches. as i went to see the doctor to get pre-admission forms filled out for a minor procedure next wednesday ... the gallbladder is finally going to go 'bye-bye' ... my dear doctor asked me about the crutch. i saw him a few days after i had injured it and he was questioning why i was still using the crutch.

he examined it and said ... oh, it should have been casted right away, this is a more severe sprain. ack. now i have to see an orthopedic surgeon as it appears that the ligament was either torn right through or almost.

the continual bruisng on my foot suggests that i am damaging it again with every step i take. i wondered why it was still hurting so badly. i cannot walk around the garden without the crutch ... i was wondering why my ankle was so unstable! it appears that it is dislocating anew with every unstable step.


you think the Lord is trying to tell me to rest?

well, we'll see when i see the specialist this next week. they initially booked me an appointment on the same day as my surgery, so unless the specialist is in the hospital, i'll have to go on another day.

oh the trials and tribulations of carolyn.

you think this will be part of the 'dash'? see below.

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~m2~ said...

i am glad you are having your gall bladder out...and am glad you will (probably) be getting a cast on your foot. hoping it is a walking cast, so you aren't hobbling any longer.

do i think God is telling you to slow down and rest? penni's been saying that for months...but who is carolyn to withstand God?