Monday, May 16, 2005


I did the most lazy thing this morning. Is that an oxymoron? I did ... lazy thing? lol.

I stayed in my PJ's and snoozed on the couch until 2:00 this afternoon! Oh my. This little workaholic actually rested! lol.

Seriously, I've been so tired the last few days with my ankle being so sore. Actually, I did great damage to it again yesterday. I was sitting here at the computer and Bill had dinner going on the stove. (I am one very, very blessed woman to have such a great cook and all around great man for a husband)

I can hear the potatos boiling ... and it sounds like there is little water in the pot. Bill is no where to be seen or heard. (He was out in the garden). So I get out of the chair and decide that I can easily walk the 20 feet to the stove without my crutch.

Right. Well, I could walk, but the foot didn't. I got up and over on the side went the ankle. It looks like I keep disloacating it or something. So now I am walking around - after 6 weeks - with the stupid thing bruised and sore again. I tried to walk down the stairs this morning and - same thing again - it hurts like it did when I first sprained it.

I hate to sound like I am whining. Where is my cheese?

It's kind of cute, but a little frustrating as well. As soon as the hospital and the specialist's office saw that I had the big "D.R." in front of my name, guess what they did? They arranged for me to go to the fracture clinic at the hospital after my surgery on Wednesday to be seen by the top ortho surgeon. With less than a week's notice?!! They did this so I would not have to work my schedule around another day as they understand how busy I must be.

I'm glad, but am frustrated because of all of the other people in Canada who are not getting that sort of medical care. It is sad how our "free" medical care works.

In the hospital for the morning and out in the afternoon after general anesthetic.
You cannot go home unattended and cannot be alone for 24 hours.
Call us if something goes wrong.
Call us if something goes wrong?


I will be glad to see this sick thing over. I don't have time to be sick.

*moan* where is that cheese?


seeker of truth said...

In reading your profile...what are Apostolic Women??

Carolyn said...


apostolic women in short are women who are anointed for ministry in these end times. they are women who are called to stand up beside men in leadership in ministry. Not to overtake them but to restore what the curse against Eve was ... that men and women would be restored to God's original order for mankind (men and women) and that is leadership.

i may not explain it adequately as i'm not feeling well these days but many individuals have written on it better than i have.

i believe that God has called me to be a trailblazer in ministry and a mentor to other women. that is part of the apostolic call ... to be a forerunner for God's work in the end times, if that makes sense.

if you want more information, google 'Barbara Yoder', she has written a lot about this .. as has Jane Hansen, Barbara Winthorpe and Pat Francis.

Christ became every curse on the tree.