Thursday, May 05, 2005

Time ..

I had quite a laugh with my Senior Pastor yesterday. I don't know if I even posted it here, but almost a month ago, I tore ligaments in my right ankle. it has been a frustrating journey because all it has done is slowed me down. i know the Lord has been calling me to rest ... this has been the vehicle He has used to do so.

So .. back to my laugh. I was coming into the office yesterday for a full load of clients to be followed by Cleansing Stream and then by a visiting Pastor. (wowzers, that is another post, her message on The Cross was amazing! Look for further info on Cathy Ciamitaro's book. amazing)

Sooooo ... back to my laugh time two. I am coming into the office, crutch in hand. I have my purse, my briefcase, my coffee, the cream and treats for Cleansing Stream and I'm trying to balance them all because i do not want to go back down the stairs to the car and make a second load.

in order to get through the door, i have to place them all down on the floor and open it. then i dropped the cream so i attempted to prompt it through the door with the bum foot ... need i tell you what that did to the foot? i'm whining, and whimpering and not so pastorly sort of cursing (you know, of course that Pastors do not curse!) i was just asking the Lord for angelic help to assist me through the consequences of my not so smart choices.

pastor hears me from his office and laughs at me from his computer. i hobble over to my office, put everything down again, muddle through my janitor's stash of keys (you know, home, three offices,k two churches, ... etc., etc.) and finally manage to get my office open. i throw my briefcase, purse, cell, coffee cream, treats, etc. on my desk and proceed to his office.

clunk, clunk, clunk.

here she comes ....

he looks up and motions me to the chair infront of his desk and gives me that look that only those who know him really well know. you know .. even though he is almost 10 years younger than i am, it is that Father's look of ... well, Carolyn, you did it to yourself.

so .... i proceed to tell him that i am not impressed that God did not give me an extra hand and an extra leg and an extra at least six hours in my day. afterall ...

we just about fell off the chairs in laughter.

Lord, You're trying to teach me to be a better steward of everything You've given to me. Thank You that You gave me what You did. Please teach me to better organize my time and my energy. There needs to be a balance and I know You're trying with everything I have to show me, but I'm squacking and mummbling and whining and whimpering too much to hear You.

Now is a really good place to insert *soaking*, but I've run out of time. tee hee. That's what I am going to do. *soak* in His presence for the strength, discernment, strategy and peace I need ... I'll talk to you later.


annie said...

I really enjoyed reading about this, it is kind of a new concept to me, maybe a practice I need to try for myself. Thanks for sharing.

saltnlight said...

I am soo glad that you and I are so much a like.....almost scarry some times. LUBS YOU just checking out your blog aaaaaaaahhhh hoping to be inspired to do my core belief work.

Carolyn said...

yup - alike we are. but we have the same pastor so i'm sure you've seen that face before! *wink*

now, get at those core beliefs!!!