Sunday, May 08, 2005

Never take Dristan when ...

you have a full case load of clients to counsel today.

What a day. whew.

i've been fighting a bit of a cold or sumpin. so saturday morning i decide to take a dristan (no offense intended to the company who produces it). what i didn't know was that my body does not like dristan. either that or i was not coming down with a cold but was having my physical chain yanked because i was going to sing in church on sunday. doh.

i pick up my first client ... i know, not supposed to do that, but it's a long story and i am a Christian after all ... and we get to my office. i've got them booked really tight so we get right to work. well, about fifteen minutes into our session the room starts to buzz and spin. oh no. i'm stoned. i'm having a reaction to the dristan.

*i'm shaking my head in grief*

this dear young man had to drive my car with me in it to go to my second client's house around the corner ... i know, don't tell me, see above. we decide that it might be a good idea for me to go through mcdonald's and get something to eat. i had forgotten i was fasting, i guess that doesn't help much when you're taking cold meds.

we get something to eat. i can barely stand in the restaurant. i'm still on crutches ... good thing, i probably would have crawled into the place without them.

so my second client gets to the office and we decide this would be a really good time to have something to eat and just have a visit. we put on some great soaking music and just yakked. didn't help my accounts receivable much, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

well .. so far i have not betrayed professional ethics other than to shine the light upon what is sometimes the silly story of my life.

where God really comes into this is with my third client. who came in while i was still trying to recover. the really cool part about it was ... i was trying to get my second and my third clients together as one can really help the other through a tough time. it has been awesome how God has brought it together and they just couldn't coordinate a meeting. But ... God did it for them. i sat - stoned all the while - and watched these two precious women talk. what an honour. i cannot and will not share the details, but marvel at how God knows it all.

even the fact that i took that stupid pill. it was that stupid pill that allowed these two women to finally meet and God's purpose for them meeting to be fulfilled.

i'm happy to report that by the time clients four, five, and six came along, i was somewhat sober again ... well, mostly ... and was able to pick up the therapist hat once again and do my job. actually, four was quite happy as it was their first session with me and they were concerned that the Christian therapist would be a little ... well ... pious and stiff. *snort* not me at the best - or is that worst - of time.

isn't our God something? i'm so thankful to be used of Him even if it does completely destroy whatever pride i've got left over. hmmmppphhhhhh ... He's a good God.


sherwin said...

Keep the faith!

Just bloghopping. Nice site =)

Carolyn said...

i will - thanks sherwin. i loved visiting your blog as well.