Monday, May 09, 2005

On Call Chaplains

I have just taken the position of an on call chaplain for one of the local hospitals. they ask all of the area pastors to volunteer one night a month to be on call from 5:00 pm until 8:00 am to deal with emergencies and impending death when the chaplaincy staff are off. so today we had our quarterly lunch and catch up time.

what a hoot we had.

there are many denominations - actually, religions - represented in the group of about 20 or so. only the Christian ones were present at this meeting, which is quite unusual, but it allowed us a rare time to share without being concerned about using the "J" word. it's funny how the precious Name of Jesus is such a stumbling block to some.

well, there was this one pastor - actually an Anglican Priest. what a hoot. he was one of the funniest men i have ever met. he had us all in stitches the entire time we were there.

i was sitting there thinking how awesome it was to sit around a table with such a precious group of men and women who are called in ministry and who love Jesus so much. it's a rare thing for me and i really enjoyed the time.

so my first on call is may 31st. i go at about 5:00 and get to go all over the hospital and visit and pray for people or the staff who need it ... then i go home at about 10:00 understanding that i could be called back if there is an emergency.

what an honour. sometimes i want to pinch myself when i think of all the great opportunities the Lord is bringing my way. after years and years and years of ministry, it's so neat to be doing this full time and getting paid for it. i love it. i am really one blessed lady.


Anonymous said...

Carolyn, that's wonderful!
What a great way to help those in need.

I know if I were in the hospital, I'd want a visit from you! :)

saltnlight said...

Carolyn,what an inspiration you are!!!