Friday, May 27, 2005

today ... it is the day i have waited five years for

oh my goodness, i had lunch with Robby today!

he called me this morning and asked me what i was doing this afternoon. since my first client cancelled, i had a little bit of time so i dropped by his house and took him and his girlfriend out for lunch.

oh my goodness

my boy ... my boy.

it went really well. he is not as big as kelly said ... only [i]only[/i]6'4". he's beautiful tho even if he does have four tattoos and three earrings. he's still my little boy.

and he is so tired. everything that he said ... even when he was telling me the trouble his is and was in ... tells me how tired he is of the life he has chosen. he wants out. he wants to change.


i told the Lord that i didn't want to see him until He had his heart and although Robby did not say as much, i believe He has. He's so prime for getting straight. at least i think so.

i've been praying that the Lord would heighten my discernment meter and not allow the enemy to dull my senses or keep me in denial. but we had such a good time. his little girlfriend is really sweet, they seem to get along really well. she seems straight and a good kid and was very respectful with me.

i brought the camera with me but didn't take any pictures. i regret it right now, but i'll wait until sunday when we meet with Kelly.

when i dropped him back off at where he is staying we stood outside the car and talked. he didn't seem to want to let me go and every time i tried to go toward the car he would ask another question or say something else.

finally i took his face in my hands and looked deep into his eyes and said "thank you". he asked why and i said how thankful i was that he contacted me and came out for lunch and that i have missed him soooo much. his eyes filled up with tears.

so i asked him if i could have a hug and he opened his arms wide and said sure. i told him i loved him and he said i love you too mom.

*sob* *sniffle*

it was so difficult to leave.

since i left him i have had the most amazing peace that only God can give so deep in my heart. i'm grieved at the trouble he is in but so thankful that i believe God has captured his heart again and no matter what we have to go through in the future, it will be God's plan and He will keep Robby safe.

i'm so overwhelmed that our God is such a great God!


Adinah said...

God is so gracious isn't he? I've not been privy to the situation with your son, but nonetheless share your joy, (which exudes from your post) and heart for his return to you. I will pray for him, and for his return to "home" we all get lost from time to time don't we.....sometimes we stray so far from the path, or what we thought the path was, we cannot find our way back alone. Surely you both are blessings to each other. In prayer with you.

Carolyn said...

Aye, your post brought tears to my eyes. it's been a difficult night with thoughts i will not post, but i'm glad to start on this new journey of prayer. all of my training is sending up warning flags, but i'm just going to keep on that path. God will direct us all on whatever journey He has set out for us. hopefully i will have pictures to post tomorrow.

~m2~ said...

carolyn, i have tears streaming down my face, my friend. my precious friend.

i thought you were meeting on sunday? isn't God so cool?

i have so many questions and so much to say, but i am going to rest in your words and direct them to God: thank You. what a wonderous thing that has happened and i am so blessed to have walked this walk with you.

i am in awe.

Julie D. said...

What a beautiful story. Full of hope and love. (p.s. penni sent me.)

Mary Poppins NOT said...

I recognized you from the mother's day comment you left me. I am thrilled to read about your lunch. Every mother in the world can feel your heart. God's choicest blessings!!

Adinah said...

amen to what you said, sometimes we have to put our (what we think is "good sense") aside and just trust. will be lifting you up in prayer. p.s. tell the commitee in your head to be quiet! why is it they always chirp in when they need to get in the back seat and clam up??

Carolyn said...

p.s. tell the commitee in your head to be quiet! why is it they always chirp in when they need to get in the back seat and clam up??

aye, that made me laugh out loud!

pen, i can't imagine what it is like to be on your end of this. i'm sure there were many times that people thought he would never come home!

julie and mary ... thanks for popping by. i'm delighted to share this story of God's faithfulness and redemption. it's not over yet, but i'm revelling in this part of it.

what an awesome day again. today was his 20th birthday and kelly and i took him out to dinner ... then i gave him every gift i had stored up for five years. it was a precious time! i'll talk about it later.

saltnlight said...

*snif snif .....wahhhh* oh that is sooo sweet you stored up every gift you missed giving him *snif*
oh Carolyn I can't wait to hear all about it!!! I'm so overjoyrd that Robert is on his way home to you and to the Lord. You truly are one of my favorite people and a great mentor LOVE YOU