Saturday, March 26, 2005

Watch and Wait ...

Today is that day between the crucifixion and the resurrection. How was it for the disciples? We know what is coming on Sunday. We know ... HE IS RISEN! ... but they did not.

How the women must have felt as they prepared the customary spices for burial. The very one who once anointed His feet in her love ... now she is preparing to anoint Him again. The grief.

As I contemplate the silence of this time, I remember grief. How in those first few days ... there really are no words.

I know the outcome. But yet this year I feel the grief. The journey of the heart from one season to another. He was with us ... His work is done? We have the benefit and the blessing of the Scriptures to know what is going on in the Spirit during this time.

They did not.

Yet they still made preparations to go to the tomb and do what they needed to do in the season they found themselves in.

I know I need to stay here for a day. To look at this emotion and really grasp and understand it. I need to set aside the expectation of what tomorrow will bring and find my peace and my joy in my faith that somehow God will work this entire life out to His satisfaction. The Word tells me that. He will create in me a clean heart, He will replace the stony heart with one of flesh, He will establish a new covenant with me. I just need to keep my eyes on Him.

I think of my Robert. I'm in that season with him. Maybe that's why I sense the Lord wants me to keep in this place to truly get the work finished.

Even if what I am standing on does not come through ... even then, I will serve You, Lord!


~m2~ said...

there is nothing like the Easter vigil, which i just returned from. it's been an extremely difficult Lent and i am truly glad to finally say "He has risen!" and say "alleluia" again at church...

it's amazing what the women did, taking spices to the tomb. we are fortunate in the sense that we are reading all of the Scriptures through post-resurrectional eyes and hearts; but look at what they were doing! they were being obedient to their customs, obedient to their Lord. they were doing the only thing they knew to do when they were grieving - visit the gravesite.

He was born in a borrowed cave and laid to rest in a borrowed grave (i heard that the other day and thought it was a good one :)

Easter blessings to you, my sister. love and miss you.


Carolyn said...

it is so good to see you my dear sister. i've missed our chats, but the blog is a great way to get into your heart ...

i love it ... He was born in a borrowed cave and buried in a borrowed grave. this earth had nothing for Him ...

yes, like you , it has been a difficult Lent. but i'm so thankful for it. just today i was saying how much i miss the observance to another of my precious church sisters.

like the women, i will continue to do the only thing i know to do ... that's go to my Lord no matter what it looks like.

i'm so thankful ... He's always there to comfort.