Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring ...

I went to have my car serviced this morning and decided to wait an hour for it instead of taking the shuttle home to get some work done.

Normally I do not have an hour to "waste", but I sensed the Lord prompting me to wait so I did.

What an amazing day.

It is 16 degrees here ... about 57 or so F, and I sat outside in one of the courtesy chairs and just let the son shine upon me. It was awesome. It has been a long, long, winter and I feel like I have been in a cave. I've done very little physical activity and have gone off my favourite low carb way of eating only to gain back almost 20 pounds.

With this sunshine and wonderful weather, I want to drop the weight, but like most women my age (48), it is not as easy as it was 20 years ago to drop it. Actually, it seems next to impossible.

So ... do I need to be happy with me the way I am?

I realize that my self esteem really was tied up in how I looked and I have this crazy idea that I will only be pretty ... acceptable ... attractive ... worthy ... until I weigh 130 pounds on my 5'7" body.

ack. silly, huh?

But yet ... I need to be less weight for my health. I want to be more active and it is very difficult with this weight. I started to have trouble breathing while climbing some stairs or running around in praise the other day. Oh boy.

This Cognitive Therapy stuff is really starting to bug me. Self analysis is not fun. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles this way.

Today, it is back to peppermint tea, lots of salads, and prayerfully a little less weight. Oh Lord, help me to keep this in balance.


Anonymous said...

So you changed your template. It looks good.

Funny you should blog about this. I feel as though I'm going thru a bit of a crisis myself. Weight, aging, menopause (or at least the beginnings of it). I've been really down.

My friend recommended this book: The Wisdom of Menopause, by Christiane Northrup, MD. I only mention this b/c we're close in age. Anyway, she has some really interesting stuff to say. (Some things, like her references to Chinese medicine, I simply ignore!)

I may blog about my plight later, but I just wanted to share this with you.

Love you~

saltnlight said...

I love the light house very nice sheek... and crisp nice choice. I was about to blog and needed some inspiration so I came here :)

Love you lots

Carolyn said...

awww, two of my favourite people. your comments blessed me today - see today's post.

gayla ... i also have Midlife Meltdown by Janet Mcarro(sp) ... excellent book written by a powerful Christian ... she has been a guest on James Robison's show several times. I highly recommend it.

michelle ... are you feeling better?? love ya both.