Friday, March 18, 2005

Another Funeral ...

Today it is the Mother of one of our dearest friends, Larry. We have had six funerals in the last two months of people who have been fairly close to our lives.

One was my precious Mentor of many years. A professor at the College who was instrumental in my ministry starting. He will be sorely missed.

There were over 700 people at his funeral, it was a celebration of a life lived in the presence of God. Many people echoed my sentiments that he had been "like a father to them". I was shocked when I realized I was last in a long line of major players in the field of Insurance (Angelo's first job), Pastoring (his second), and finally Theology and as a College Professor. He left an amazing legacy of which I am a small part. May his spirit continue through my teaching.

This funeral today is for a dear older woman who lived a solitary life and who never received healing for the misery of her childhood. She leaves behind a fragmented family ... each individual child unable to sustain healthy relationships.

Sad. So sad.

I had the honour of being called to the hospital to pray over her when the doctors gave the diagnosis that she would not recover.

What a precious woman. Such a sad life.

What a precious son. He is one of our dearest friends. But already, such a sad life.

Oh Lord, please let me be an instrument of Your grace to this precious family. The funeral is today. Larry wanted me to officiate because they all know me, but they belong to another denomination ... the daughter did not think it would be appropriate.

I respect that fully ...

I'll be there to love them and will certainly be praying through the whole thing.

The Sacraments of the Catholic Faith are so interesting ... how they span the life of the individual ... Baptism, First Communion, Marriage, Death ... I know there are a few more ... all shining signposts of a person's life where we want God present ...

front and center ... all glory for the life given to Him ... we do not take any of it ...

Life is such a gift. Death is such a gift. Sacred Circle.

My, I am reflective today. I really must run, but wanted to say how thankful I am for my Precious Lord Jesus and all He did for me ... and for the world ... to come into His Almighty Presence. Awesome.

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