Thursday, March 17, 2005


My little practice is starting to rev up and I'm needing some real anointing to get the books done properly. Here we are .. mid March! My! I need to get things straightened away.

I don't remember much of my accounting background. I used to be a bookkeeper, but the danged books were set up for me .. they were on paper .. and I knew what I was doing. I also had many more hours in the day to know what I was doing.

This brings me to hours in the day.

I have several days off this week. Clients who are away because it is March break around here, so they will not be around. A husband who is angry at me because I'm not bringing money in. Always a red amount on my balance sheet.

Lord, I trust You. I know that each and every client You have brought to me is directly from Your hand, so if I do not have clients this week, it is because You have chosen not to give them to me.

I'm enjoying the time off ... well sort of time off - I am working at the computer, but I am finally getting some things done and a little more orginization in my practice.

That is a good thing.

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