Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Can there be anything worse ..

than a psychotherapist studying a type of therapy and seeing herself all over it?

i am starting to develop a program for Cognitive Therapy that is acceptable for christian counselling. the terminology is a bit different and it is much easier for us to facilitate the therapy if we have Scriptures outlined to support the program.

like ... as a man thinketh ... oh.... grrr ...

So ... guess what I'm struggling with today?


... that i will not get everything done ... that i'm doing too much for the church at no pay and not enough of my own work for pay (thus the stuff over ct) ... that i'm wasting my time ... that i will end this day without accomplishing anything. time is so short for me ... i do so much ... i cannot redeem it.

see ... the thoughts? ack. they get me into a flurry of activity that only wastes my time.

maybe i need to see this in order to minister to my clients. they all struggle with this thought induced panic or struggle. how can i minister to them when i'm in the middle of it myself.

i'm not sure that there is much worse than a psychotherapist trying to analyze herself.

soooooo... i'm off to work. i have to prepare for cleansing stream tonight and i'm not ready. actually, God breeze! that's my problem. i've been running around so much lately i have not been able to properly prepare for the seminar and i fear that people are going to either get frustrated and leave or that they will not get the full benefit of the program.


that helps. it takes a huge load off my shoulders ... now i'm off to do my work .... i guess i'm a better therapist than i thought, huh? *giggle*

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