Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember my Prodigal - Robert?

He returned home in 2005 - just showed up and came back into our lives and turned it completely upside down as he turned our lives upside down when he left.

Over my years of counselling, I've learned a lot about temperaments - especially using the Meyers Briggs Typeology. Robert's temperament is the strongest ... which usually means he will be a leader, strong, independent, etc. Well, that he is. I love this boy so dearly that there is not much he can do wrong in my eyes. That's not good. He has been able to manipulate me and get away with so much over the years.

I think of my daughter, Kelly. She couldn't be more different. She's calm, dependable, sweet, compassionate, a fantastic mother and wife. She has done "all of the right things" in life. She's been a stabilizing force over the years - basically unchanging and dependable. I love and respect her with all of my heart.

Robert, well, he's Robert. There is no one else in the world like him. As is common with his type of personality, he marches to his own drum - and that has cost me a great deal of money over the last 5 years. I don't regret it all - I wanted to give him a good start, but I was blind to the cost it would be. To Robert, myself, Kelly, my husband, marriage, etc.

Love is blind. Yup.
Boundaries are very difficult to establish when there is fear. Yup.

Oh well, on to the news ...

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