Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching up

I guess it is time that I get back to blogging.

I've been sooo busy and truth be told a little (?) depressed over the last few years. I've isolated to the point of not wanting to talk to anyone - even myself. Funny, strange, I work and love my work caring for others. I can listen to anyone's story - be compassionate - and truly feel at the end of the day that I have helped another. God anoints me to do my work and He is glorified in all that He does for my clients.

But me ...

What about me?? *sigh* I wish I could even express what about me. I truly do not know.

I saw a play at a dinner theatre years ago - I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can - that's sort of how I feel these days; that I dance as fast as I can and it is never fast enough. I feel that I can never get all that I need to get done; that there is always something more I need to do and not the energy to do it. *sigh* Enough whining.

I'm back.

I'll update in a couple of posts ...

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