Monday, January 11, 2010

Grandma's prayers

This is another thing that I have started doing.

I want to bless the families of my children - and my grandchildren. It is so important that they all are blessed and I have an unique opportunity and responsibility to pray for them.

Today's thought is about the home they live in ...

I want to bless the marriages of both of my children. Kelly and Derrick; Robert and Amanda. They have made choices in a mate and those choices fulfill their needs. Being a mother-in-law is a joke in our society, but my true prayer is that they would all be happy - and more than anything, that they would all know Christ - because only He can bring true, lasting peace into their homes. But that relationship is between Him and them. I trust Him to fulfill His side of the equation.

January 11, 2009
Grandma’s Prayers from:
Grandma, I Need Your Prayers
Quin Sherrer, Ruthanne Garlock

Lord, I pray for peace in the environment in which my grandchildren are reared. May it be a home filled with Your love and be a neighbourhood that is safe. I pray You will give their parents and those who care for them the wisdom and understanding to nurture them. Also provide them positive role models who will be godly examples. Thank You for the gift of these precious children. Amen.


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