Monday, January 11, 2010

December 13, 2009 - I first met him

Now, that is the face of one very happy Grandma. I got to meet him. He is a beautiful baby - very sweet. Robert and Amanda have been consistent and faithful with visits - I've been able to feed him and all those things that Grandmas take joy in.
I praise God for His answers to prayer .... we prayed so hard. How I wish I had blogged about those prayer meetings! Darlene, Rob, Sandra, Dwayne and I stormed the gates of Heaven to see this (and other events in their lives) to come to pass.
I believe that the turnaround was due to our God being faithful to prayer. We just do not know what goes on in the heavenlies when prayer warriors come together in prayer - specific prayer.
God gets all the glory!

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