Thursday, September 01, 2005


how does so much time go by and i do not have time to post on this thing? *sigh*

life is heating up here. nothing like what our dear neighbours to the south are living through, i cannot imagine how they are holding up in the south. thank God there are kind hearted souls who are rushing to their aid. from up here in canada all i can do is send some money and pray, pray, pray, but ... as my dear friend penni says, i digress ....

my precious son and his girlfriend are just so much fun to be around. i wish i had a picture to post of them but neither of us stick around long enough for the camera to be of any use! *wink*

edited ... i now have some pictures ...

i will not share the details of milly's trials because that is her story to tell, but ... she has moved in with us due to issues at her home which just could not be resolved. we have been trying for over two months to mediate and bring unity there, and unfortunately, it was not successful.

last night, this dear one moved into our home. i wish you could see the downstairs of our house and even more so, my precious husband's face! just imagine what an almost 18 year old girl would bring when she moves in! i don't have that much stuff myself at almost 50! bless her little heart.

so, with all the crisis going on, i kept calling it 'drama'. it sure seemed like that to me. i could write a soap opera on the stuff that has been going on in her family. finally, i got a little frustrated with robby because he has been very distracted by the goings on and told him that the 'drama had to stop' and he had to get his mind and his actions focused on his future. now is the time and milly's crisis will go on and on and on, so he may as well get some of his own life on the right track.

well, it was not well received. it was actually kind of funny to be bickering with my son. can you imagine? a mother saying that she enjoys bickering with her son?

i should have called penni before i started to talk with them because she understands this generation's language more than i do.

it was the 'drama'. you see, a drama queen is one who causes lots of trouble everywhere she goes and loves it. a girl who cannot have a normal life because it is not fun and she makes sure that everyone else's life is all wrapped up in her life so that she can feel worthy or needed or whatever. hmmmmmm.

he was not impressed i was using that term. hmmmmmm. is there any truth there?

i didn't mean it in an unkind manner at all. i love this girl like she is my own daughter. truth be told, she reminds me of me so much when i was that age. she has been living in the most impossible situation all of her life and deserves an opportunity to put her life on track and show the wonderful things God can do through her.

but i'm not supposed to call her a 'drama queen'. which i did not do, well, maybe once, but not with the nasty intention. funny. i love how he supports her and loves her. it's cute.

things are fine now. i apologized to her and explained my understanding of 'drama'. just stuff that doesn't end and is not fun, you know?

so .. what do i call the stuff that is going on in my house? is it drama? is it stuff? all i know is i went from a nice quiet home to a home full of kids and stuff and music and love. that part is so great. bill's not impressed, but he'll move over eventually and get used to it. maybe he's the drama queen??? it wouldn't be me???



pete porter said...

Hi Carolyn,
Life is messy. We start out messing up our parents cloths with slobber. Then we smell up the place with poop. Even after we stop this we make one kind of mess after another, cuts, bruises, and skined knees. Then comes bigger troubles, with our ill-chose friends, experiments in the grown-up stuff, maybe a close encounter with the law. But through it all, we are held fast in love. Love of our parents, and relatives, and friends. Held to the limits of their correction. Such is life, isn't it a wonder. We come in totally vulnerable, and in time learn to help others who are themselves totally vulnerable. Even though we know they will make the messes. We can only try to keep the mess small and manageable.
Be Blessed,

Carolyn said...

amen, Pete, amen. it is only through the mess that we prove our love for each other,huh?

on a larger note? God loves us inspite of how we mess up His perfect world. hmmmm.

i'm loving this object lesson. actually, my regular clients are getting a real giggle out of me using the object lessons i've been learning through this journey with them.

it brings it home.

now, if you read this, please pray?? this mama doesn't know if she is coming or going or who is going to need her attention. lol.

Anonymous said...

Bryan, those were good words, brother.

Carolyn, what a difference a year makes, huh?! Such a change from this time last year. God is moving. :)

~m2~ said...

hey girlfriend - just wanted to pop in and say hello -- seems like you have all taken some pretty big strides toward normalcy, however you need to remember you spent a few years apart and there have been many changes for all.

i miss you too, by the way - things are always busy, but i think of you and pray for you often.

Carolyn said...

oh yes, God is moving, Gayla. i'm thankful for the changes, as stressful as they are for us, they are good ones.

pen, i think of you so much and pray for you and your family daily. how i miss our long chats. but the heart never forgets the love of a good friend.

yes, things are getting back to 'normalcy' ... read my next post.