Sunday, September 25, 2005

his first paycheque

i should have taken a picture ... of the cheque ... and of his face.

robby has a job.

he's working with a duct cleaning firm. Mighty Ducts i'm not kidding. lol

he worked hard this week, only a couple of days, but hard because the hours were so long. he had to take the transit bus from one end of Toronto out to our little town ... a two hour trip and about $10.00 one way. but he did it.

and he was so proud of himself. look ma, he says, my first cheque. isn't it neat?

the beauty of this job is that his boss knows everything about him ... his past ... his future, everything. he will work around robby's school schedule as it changes and will give him Sundays off for church. it is right from the Hand of God.

sometimes i am so thankful for God's mercy and grace. for His sustaining, guiding Hand. once i settled down with the bail restrictions, everything has been so sweet. robby's really making it.

that's what he said tonight.

ma, i feel like i'm living a completely different life. i'm so thankful for where i am and your unconditional love for me. thanks so much for letting me stumble around and just loving me in the process.



Omni said...

"Mighty Ducts" is the best business name I've heard in AGES, LOL!!

Carolyn said...

yup, we thought it was pretty cute as well. thanks for visiting, omni.

curious servant said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Of course you may use anything of what I have to help anyone.

I am very sorry about this woman's tragedy.

My first post on my blog dealt with how I came to understand how God listens despite my anguish and grief.

You can find that post at:

Additionally, if this woman would like to share with me, I am at her service. Contact me for a way that we can exchange email addresses.

God bless

~m2~ said...

oh carolyn - that is amazing. i can attest to that whole "unconditional love" thing and am so pleased that he can *see* it now. it was there all along and is probably what sustained him all those years.

*sobbing too*

Carolyn said...

pen, i thank God every day, every time i look into his precious face. God has been so good to us, so good. i believe the prayers and the unconditional love of everyone involved, like you, indeed kept him sustained. yes.

curious ... i intend to give her your blog address when i see her on friday. actually, i will put it in my blackberry right now. i read most of your blog and was overwhelmed by your ability to consecrate all to Him. you are an inspiriation. thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, great news!

I can't tell you how cool it is to be on this end and just see God working so providentially in Robby's life. It is coming together!