Sunday, September 04, 2005

seeing things through different eyes

robby is going back to school next week. he decided that he would return to the local highschool and complete his grade twelve diploma before going on to Bible college. i think this is a very good decision and i applaud his maturity and courage to do so.

as he is still not working, i took him out to make sure he had some nice clothes to return back to school. you would have to know this dear man's heart to realize how difficult it is to be without money when he had spent several years in the drug and gang arena. there was always money available and his wardrobe was high end.

now he is buying $20.00 wallmart track pants.

today we decided that it would be a mom and robby day and so we went out to lunch alone and then off to wallmart. his stash of four pants and three sweat shirt cost $85.00. his shoes are falling apart and since we couldn't find size 14's (!!!!) there, we went to the local mall. i knew that i would probably have to pay as much for one pair of runners (i remember 5 years ago well) as i did for all the clothes.

we found some runners and they were having a sale at the store for 1/2 price for another pair, so i bought him two. then i saw his eyes light up when he saw a basketball suit. he didn't know that i saw him and he went off to look at the t-shirts. i went over and found that the suit (white, no less) was on sale for 1/2 off again (it was a really good sale) and that i could get this $200.00 suit for $100.00.

i grabbed it off the rack and gave it to the salesperson. robby was almost in tears. i couldn't decide if it was shame, thankfulness, or what it was. all along he was sad because i had to purchase these things. i, on the other hand, was having a great time! it is a joy to buy him anything because he appreciates it soo much.

i was kidding him about just being thankful because to not be would be to steal my joy and my blessing. we joked about it on and off all day.

well, the bill rang up to just over $300.00. The girl looked over at robby and she said ... i guess you'll have a lot of dish duty to do for this, huh?

robby, poked me and said, 'nope, i'm not going to steal my mom's joy.'


when he was walking out of the store, he said he was going to go over to look at something in another store. the sales girl remarked how lucky he was.

i told her that when she has other mothers or fathers who complain about having to spend money on their kid's back to school clothing that she has permission to tell all about the mom who paid $300.00 with tears of gratefulness in her eyes because she had a son alive who could wear them.

i know it impacted upon her.

i pray that others will be blessed. i love to share the blessing of what i am living right now ... i sure wouldn't want anyone to steal the blessing that could be received from his story.

for all the stuff we're dealing with and all the uncertainty, i am reminded of the incredible honour it is to be the parent of any child. robby is giving me more joy than i can even begin to express just by being himself and being alive.

God is surely a good God.


pete porter said...

A beautiful living testimony to the love and faithfulness of our gracious Father.
Be Blessed you and them,

Carolyn said...

thanks so much pete, for visiting and for your comments. we are truly blessed.

i see this very much as the object lesson of the prodigal son. the Lord has shown me so much of His heart and faithfulness through this experience.

~m2~ said...

wow, would you look at this handsome kid???

i still fill up carolyn when i see his picture. what a story.

i want to comment on your post, above, but have not much time so i'll be back to do so. just know i understand your heart, but my feeling is you have to pick your battles...praying for you all.

love you.