Friday, August 19, 2005

on a lighter note

i had my sweet, little Jadzia over for the day. mama has started working nights and she spends the entire day with our little fireball so i offered to take her for the day so kelly could sleep.

she's such a fireball! we had so much fun. she'll be three in a little over a month, but she is the tiniest thing. i put her in the stroller and we walked down to the beach just a short walk from my home (lake ontario) there is a wonderful park for the kids and because the storm you see in my other post was brewing, there were few people there. we enjoyed that beautiful 'calm before the storm' time and played in the park for a little more than an hour.

what fun. i've promised to take her over tomorrow should the weather hold and i'll take some pictures of her running from one area of the park playground to the other. it is a great jungle gym and she made good use of it today!

well, i brought her back for her nap at 1:00 and needless to say, grandma's house is waaaaaaaaay too much fun to have a nap at so she ran around and terrorized me while i attempted to put together a new filing cabinet for the room i am going to be using as an office.

then we had THE STORM. that was way too much fun to sleep through. well, the little sweetheart finally crashed on the couch after her bath. i'm sure she has not moved for at least 2 hours now .. here's a picture ...

don't you just love digital cameras? we get such great shots sometimes!


~m2~ said...

carolyn, she is absolutely precious; i cannot believe she'll be three next month!

where does the time go?

(miss you)

loren said...

Aaaaw, how cute. I Didn't know that angels came in that size. :-)

onionboy said...

What a treasure. Our eldest was born on this day, seveteen years ago. God bless you and yours.