Friday, June 17, 2005


sorry i've been so quiet lately. i've been struggling with some things that are happening in our home.

i have had almost no contact with robby since june 8th when i took him to court. i found out that he lied to me on an issue and i've had to separate myself to deal with my emotions.

my husband bill has been off work for two weeks (more time off than i have ever known him to take even after surgery) with what we thought was sciatica, but it turns out he has hurt a groin muscle which has pulled a vertebrae out and put his back muscles in spasm. the chiropractor says it is the most painful thing possible. bill's in agony. all of his weighbearing muscles are in spasm and they are pinching his sciatic nerve. unfortuantely, all he can do is lay on his stomach on the couch. he's on mega painkillers ... it's not fun at all.

i can't do much around the house because i still have a cast on my ankle. that's another story, but i don't have time nor the energy to get into it.

i ministered at a retreat last weekend and further injured the ankle by being on my feet for so long. *sigh*

so we're laying low. i'm driving him all over to doctor's appointments and trying to keep my client base up, so it doesn't leave much time for anything other than hanging on.

thank you so much for your continued prayers. i'll be back with gusto when this is all over.

through it all, God is Good!


Adinah said...

boy, when it rains, it pours. Will be praying for full and complete healing for you both.

annie said...

Still praying for you Carolyn. Life can be so hard sometimes.

saltnlight said...

Lubs you both ....praying for both of you. Of course for Robert too.

Remember the enemy is a toothless lion trying to scare us with his roar to get us out of the spirit into the flesh.Then when we're distracted he tries to gum us to death.

You are truly one of my most favorite people and it is a pleasure to know you. ***smooches****

~m2~ said...

i am here, too, kk -- please call if you need to chat, vent, lament, weep, laugh -- whatever. i am a phone call away.

praying for you, sis.

~m2~ said...

on the off chance you get replies by email, please give an update or email me to let me know how things are with you so i don't worry, m'kay?