Friday, June 03, 2005

Beautiful Day!

it is incredible outside. the sun is shining, it's warm but not too hot, the flowers are blooming, the garden is alive with life. oh, these are my favourite days. and to top it off, i'm not working today.

robby and amy (his girlfriend) are coming with me to another town about an hour and a half away. i offered to take him to get some clothing and possessions he left there several months ago. i also offered t pay the storage costs. he is trying to apply for jobs without dress clothes. i believe that is where he was living when he was arrested. so, we're piling into the car and taking a nice drive out. we'll probably meet one of my best friends who lives out there for lunch.

prayers .... if you see this today ... are much appreciated. i'm going to try to talk to him about the Lord, but again, i need the Lord's discernment and wisdom as to how much to say. for the most part now, i've been doing nothing but listening.

Lord, oh, Lord Jesus, put a reign on my tongue today.
give me Your heart for robby and amy and let me be an instrument of Your grace and love to them. Lord, anoint this heart to hear You clearly during this time. I do not want to get in the middle of the work You are doing in their hearts and slow Your process down at all.
I come against, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, any forces of the enemy which might try to halt or hinder the plans and purposes for God's work today between us. you will not attack me with fear and prevent me from speaking the truth of God's Word and powerful Work to these precious ones of His. i cancel any assignments you have today.
Lord, thank You that there are ministering angels assigned to us today. I see them in my mind's eye hanging on to the car, leading, guiding and directing our day. Bless You Lord that You love us so much and never leave us nor forsake us. Bless You that there is an open communication through Your Spirit available at all times today. Be close to this mama's heart and guide my every word and movement I pray.
You are an awesome, awesome God. I worship and adore You and thank You for Your faithfulness in our lives ... i thank You that You choose to live within me! be blessed and honoured and glorified through me today. In Your Name i pray. Amen.


~m2~ said...

i totally stand in agreement with your prayer and will stand in the gap on your behalf today.

car, would you have ever, this time last year, thought you'd be driving robert and amy anywhere?

at all??

in our wildest dreams, perhaps. but let me share with you that the car is the best place to talk to your son. there are no distractions like televisions or computers, no video games, no phones ringing. it's you and him (and amy, bless her heart).

it's all good kiddo. i'm with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carolyn. I'm around - sort of.

I'm so thrilled that you and Rob have made the connection. An answer to some long-awaited prayers, I know.

It may be a slow, but steady process, but God's timing is perfect. (I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know!)

I've seen it happen to my own husband and father. God is an amazing healer of relationships, to be sure!

I'm happy for this turn of events in your life and in his. You are a picture of grace, my friend.

p.s. Thanks for asking about me on Pen's blog. :)

Carolyn said...

thank you dear friends. i indeed felt your prayers. i need them more than ever.

this is so difficult for me.

i've missed you, Gayla, glad you're here - sort of. lol.

pen, no. i couldn't even hope i would be doing this ... i am so thankful.

Adinah said...

My prayer journal entry was this this morning, long before I read your post here, this was my prayer: For Carolyn and her son Robby- for the peace which only God can bring, for her and for him, the understanding of the merciful heart of God. I do hope you know that others share your prayers and are praying on your behalf.
In peace