Monday, June 06, 2005

Court ...

Tomorrow is Robby's court date.

i promised to go with him for support and to speak with his lawyer to see if there is anything i can do for him from my side. he could do all of his community service with our church, but he needs permission to be in Toronto as there is a restraining order on him. (very, very, long story)

oh, i am not cut out for this type of life. i can't believe how stressful it is ... he seems to be ready to let it all go, that is good, but we still have to go through the reaping business.

i guess that's why the Lord brought him back now.

oh, and i had a chance to speak with Nancy yesterday. i took Robby's clothes over and she was standing on the front yard with her boyfriend. he's a nice guy ... we had a nice talk. he's in the same sort of business (intake counsellor for a men's shelter) and we had a lot in common. the conversation was a touch strained between us - the first time in four years - but it went well.

when it was time to go, i thanked her (and very sincerely, from my heart) for all that she has done for Robby over the last few years. she was shocked. it was interesting to see the emotions pass over her face. that is not something you can fake and i truly meant it from the bottom of my heart. if you had told me that even two months ago i would have laughed, but God has brought such amazing healing in my heart.

i pray He does the same with hers.

so Robby and i are off to court tomorrow morning...


~m2~ said...

car, we've been praying all along for God's perfect timing. it's amazing how it smacks us in the forehead when it actually happens (not like this, Lord...i thought it would be different...)

were not the Lord Himself willing all of this to happen when it did, i would say let him go on his own. but you are back i his life for a reason and i will pray that things go according to God's will, but that rob lands in such a way they it will be bearable.

for him and his mama.

prayers going up, all day.

Carolyn said...

thank you dear one.

i know that i know that i know that i am involved in his life at this time for a purpose.

he's ready. he needs Christ in his mess. i had truly expected another Christian would have been involved here, but it appears it lands on me. what an honour.

i do need prayer and i thank you for this. walking the fine line can be very thin when you're the mama.