Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Five for the first time

I have been part of the RevGal BlogPals for several months but have been too busy to really get involved as much as I hoped to or intended to. I believe today is the best time to get involved as it is the first year anniversary of the site. So ... here I am with the answers to the Friday Five:

1) What is your first memory of the RevGalBlogPals?
My great friend, Penni told me about this great group of women in full time ministry and gave me the link. I figured it would be a great thing for me as I tend to feel alone in my call as a female Pastor. The first time I saw the ring, I was so excited to see other women who were in ministry and who were talking about their lives. It was like a breath of fresh air. Even though our denominations are different, it was awesome to see our similarties within our differences.

2) Have you met any of the other ring members in real life?
Yes! Lorna when she came to Canada from Finland. We had such a wonderful time and it was wayyy too short. I also met her through Penni's blog.

3) Of those you haven't met, name a few you would love to know in person.
Every last one of them!

4) What has Ring Membership added to your life?
As I said, I haven't spent enough time moving around, but I certainly intend to spend some of the time I have promised the Lord I was going to reclaim of my life travelling around the ring!

5) Describe a hope for the future of the WebRing
Lorna has this great idea of writing a book about how we answered our calls ... I pray the WebRing is intimately involved in the vision God has given her!

'k ... I have to run, it's been fun .. have a great day! hugs.

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Lorna said...

GREAT you'll visit with the revgals more. the are such a support and blessing. As are you.