Monday, May 08, 2006

The Cleansing Stream, I see, I see ...

I plunge and oh, it cleanses me!!

I am fresh from another Cleansing Stream retreat. I have attended these retreats twice a year for about the last 10 years ... delighting in the Lord washing away layer and layer of *guck* from my life. This time was no different.

I've been involved in the leadership and on the ministry team for the last 8 years ... my first leadership role was 6 months after I received a healing from M.S. at another retreat.

Now I am on staff at the church which is responsible for Cleansing Stream in Canada and I was on the agenda to present two of the categories as well as responsible for training a group of the 'anointers' ... those who minister God's healing on the prayer line. It is awesome!

I watched as over two hundred people worshipped, listened, wept, repented, cried out to God, prayed together to receive healing and freedom, sang, rejoiced!!! I cried with some, rejoiced with others, cast out a demon or two, danced, sang, and even spent some time on the carpet visiting with God in a precious new way.

Yes, He is so sweet.

I still feel like a little girl dressed up in her mommy's ball gown, complete with pearls and huge high heel shoes and wondering how little ol' me got there! I'm playing with the big fish ... don't they know who I am? Don't they know how inadequate I am? Yup ... giggle ... that's why they ask me to play with them.

It's an honour, a precious time with God's people and I can hardly wait for the seminar to start up again next fall so we can prepare for another retreat in November.

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Lorna said...

This was so lovely to read. Bubbling and full of the joy of the Lord. I hope you'll be full when I visit and the Lord will minister to me too. as I read it I got so encouraged. God heals. God ministers. God restores and wow it's great :)

I sent you email, suggesting a slight change in dates. What do you think? Please email me and let me know. Also your address and phone number please. I think you sent it once before but I'm so silly sometimesand delete important messages.

lorna AT heavenlytrain DOT com in case you've not got it.