Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lorna's Coming to Visit!

Lorna from SeeThroughFaithis coming to visit me next week. All the way from FINLAND!!!!

I'm so excited about spending some time with this wonderful woman of God. I've watched her blog and she's been so faithful to come in and encourage me on this one, I feel so honoured that the Lord would provide an opportunity for me to serve this beautiful Minister of God. It's always nice to be in communion with other female Pastors as we are not as common as I would like to see. Lorna's one of those Pastors who truly do the title justice.

So I'm preparing the house.

May I tell you, what fun it is not! :eek: :giggle: I'm thankful for the opportunity ... do you think maybe the Lord brought Lorna my way to force me to finally rearrange the furniture in the livingroom? We bought new couches over two months ago. I'm so embarassed and the old couch is still in the livingroom, along with the new ones. They're not well placed, believe me. If I were not too proud to show a picture, I would. LOL

God is good.

Lorna, I am so looking forward to meeting you. I pray you enjoy the restful time in our garden after what looks like a very, very busy vacation. Hugs.


~m2~ said...

i must admit i am a bit green with envy!!

enjoy each other, give lorna a hug from me. in fact, give yourself a hug from me too -- i miss my sister :(

Carolyn said...

Hey m2! Any time you want to hop on a plane or in the car and come, you're more than welcome! You know that!!!!!!


saltnlight said...

Hey I have a treat for you :D come visit ...yes again Love you and miss you sooo much. HUGS

Carolyn said...

Michelle ... beautiful post! I am going to link it ... watch for it.

lorna said...

erm ... pastor in training (grin) but I am so excited to be meeting with you. I'll get there a bit later than originally planned at around 7pm. Hope that doesn't cause problems for you.

Lorna said...

and I now HAVE pictures. Let me tell you that Carolyn's home is lovely and the bedroom fit for a princess. I loved it.