Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday and Family

After five years of missing Robby, we are now enjoying family times together ... times we have been denied for so many years. It was beautiful to be together in a restaurant together tonight as a family. It's the first time we've done it. My dear hubby loves to cook and we usually have everyone over, but this year we're struggling with mould in the house and do not want to take the chance on Jadzia getting ill. Soo... we decided to go to a restaurant for our family dinner. It was so precious.

Robby is doing so well. I am incredibly proud of him ... here he is with his girlfriend Milly, and of course, Jadzia.

Kelly and her husband are doing so well. He has just bought a motorcycle and they are incredibly excited about what is ahead of them. This also means maybe Grandma can have so more quality time with grandbaby.

'Unca' Bill is not going to let anyone know how much Jadzia has his heart, but I think this picture sees past his mask and shows his delight with her. She doesn't sit still long enough to get a clear picture ... she's a sweetie.

It is so sweet to be Grandma ... and Mom ... and Mother in Law. It amazes me how a simple time like today could bring me such incredible joy. We surely do not know all of what we have until it is taken away ... and then returned.

God is good.


~m2~ said...

you are so beautiful and your family, so precious.

God is, indeed, good.

i miss you, my friend.

Lorna said...

wonderful, wonderful to read this :)

saltnlight said...

I made some changes, come visit me :) I'm so happy to see how God is moving in your life and that of your family:) Miss you Love yah .

Carolyn said...

thanks friends.

Penni, I miss you as well. I'd love nothing more than show up at your cafe for breakfast.

Lorna, can't wait to meet you.

Michele - I couldn't get through to your blog ...

saltnlight said...

Carolyn I changed the addie for my blog. Contact me and i'll give you the updated addie. Love you lots. Michele

Lorna said...

Carolyn, you wrote

(over at Penni's)

i had the students read - The Five Love Languages of God by Gary Chapman - and write a paper on how people choose their church based upon their temperament and their love language.

it was an incredibly interesting exercise and the students all agreed that people choose their church because it fills a need and helps them to express their love for God and for each other in a very specific way.

I really look forward to talking about this and other things when we meet. Not long now.

Carolyn said...

oh yes Lorna!!!!!

i'm excited too.