Thursday, January 05, 2006


I apologize that I have been so scarce the last few days. I actually have been very, very busy in a different sort of way.

Normally, I am sitting in my office, counselling, praying, worshipping, studying, preparing for the courses I teach, meeting with other Pastors, etc. When I think of what I do, my head spins!

However, this last two weeks I have been peeling, scraping, 'mucking', sanding, and finally ... painting, painting, painting, painting!

My precious house is over sixty years old and we are the second owners. Since I was ill and wheelchair bound in the beginning of our marriage and then went to post graduate studies for five ... well, need I tell you how much decorating was done in the last 10 years?? Not much.

Here is the before of the kitchen ... I am almost embarassed to post this ...

Now ... I cannot post the after because ... well ... I ran out of time and *sigh* paint. But it will be coming soon.

So if I am not around, that's why. You can be sure that as I sit today in my lovely office in Toronto that I will be thinking of my little house and the remaining baseboards and doorframes that need to be painted and the walls which need to be 'mucked' and sanded.

It feels good!


see-through faith said...

What a tease! Only the before!

BTW I'm looking forward to seeing this in real life.

Looks like we'll meet in Mid May. I'll email you details and then we'll sort out what's best for you.


Qausi-Mom said...

Carolyn- just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated. And I wanted to come read your blog to! You know there is no such thing as too many daily blogs to read!


Carolyn said...

Lorna! That is so fantastic! I cannot wait to meet you. Keep me informed, your bedroom is going to be painted as well.

We do have a major Cleansing Stream retreat on May 6 and 7, so govern yourself accordingly! Actually, you would be well welcomed!

A Heart of Worship said...

Not fair! When are you guys meeting up? And where? in Canada? Waaah!

Can't wait to see the 'after' pictures, Carolyn!


see-through faith said...

wondering how you are doing ???

Carolyn said...

I'm ok, just incredibly busy at the church office. My blackberry and both my computers crashed (just too much anointing, I figure, so I had to spend copious hours retrieving and updating files.

It has been fun! NOT!

I haven't even had time to look at anyone else's blogs, that's how busy it has been. *sigh*

Hector said...

I hope things calm down for you...