Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Our Christmas

Here is a brief photo diary of our Christmas (actually Boxing Day) Visit.

As many of you know, my son returned home after being a prodigal for five years. We did not know if he was dead or alive and just prior to his 20th Birthday, he finally made contact. Our first meeting was on his 20th Birthday for a party.

This Christmas was the first time our entire family had been together in 8 years! This is all that is left of my immediate family. Both of our parents are dead as is my older brother. Robby was gone for five, but we were not able to get together as a family on the same day for the three years prior to that. Robby was only 12!!! So, this was a miraculous and precious day for us all.

The others in the photos are:

My daughter, her husband and their three year old granddaughter - otherwise known as 'the most beautiful grandbaby in the world!'
My son, and his girlfriend
My husband
My sister and her husband

We also had a visitor, who took most of the pictures ... my very best friend ... Anne.

It was truly a magical day for me. Do the pictures show it? I think the kids were a little frustrated with so many pictures, but I know in a few years they will be so glad that we did it. Actually, neither of them realized that it had been that long since we were all together as a family.


Hector said...

Carolyn, lovely photos! I also wanted to thank you for praying for Sara this weekend. That was very touching. God bless you!

Carolyn said...

Thank you for visiting, Hector. And I praise God with you that Sarah has come through! Having almost lost both of my children (my son was missing for 5 years, my daughter almost died of a ruptured appendix) I know the heartache of facing the fact that I might outlive my child. And ... I know the joy of receiving them back in my arms again.

I think I can have a mild understanding of God's love for us through my intense love of my children and beautiful grandchild.

Bless you, Hector, I'll continue praying.

~m2~ said...

i love all of these pictures, they say so much, resoundingly....but i think my fave is the last one :)

(now, which one is the daughter and which one is the mama/gramma??)

love you, girl.

see-through faith said...

loved the lowest picture :) You have to get that framed :)

Carolyn said...

Penni! Thanks for stopping in. I miss our frequent chats! We get waaayyyy too busy, don't we?

Lorna, thank you as well. It was an awesome day. I still shudder when I think of how happy I was ... like it wasn't obvious :o ...

We intend to get that last one framed. It is now my screensaver.