Thursday, December 01, 2005

robert called today

that's him with 'the world's most beautiful granddaughter'. i wish i had taken a picture of him all dressed up when he was going to school. i bought him several suits and he looked so good ... so pastorly.

here i go digressing again ...

anyhoooo, he did call. i miss his precious face so much, it has been three weeks since i saw him. he sounds terrible. he is not feeling well. it seems that they are dealing with drama after drama ... every time i talk to him there is 'lots of his plate'.

please do pray for my precious boy.

i know he is safely tucked in the Father's Hand. God's will for Robby's life ... it WILL be realized.


annie said...

Carolyn, just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you and your son. Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray, other than "Thy will be done". One thing I know for sure, our sons are not too mcuh for our Father's hand to hold.

Carolyn said...

our sons are not too mcuh for our Father's hand to hold

so true. thanks for you prayers, annie. it means the world to me tha others pray.