Friday, July 01, 2005

two of my favourite people

robby and jadzia, july 1, 2005 Posted by Picasa

today is Canada Day. it was awesome to pick up Robby and then Kelly and Jadzia and spend the day together. what fun we had! this picture is from us exploring the 'marsh' just south of our house. we live just a few streets north of lake ontario in what used to be Toronto's version of cottage country. now we're just part of the 'burbs.

kelly and robby told me about the paths they used to travel as kids and i was shocked that i had never travelled this area with them. twenty five years in the same neighbourhood and i'd never been there. we had such a great time treking through the trees and the bush. robby first, jadzia second, me and then kelly with the baby carriage.

i am so thankful for the up side of the roller coaster. today was one of those times. we're swinging high and low and fast, and even though it is so difficult, it is awesome to be together as a family again.

i know the Lord will carry us through this time.

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saltnlight said...

I love this picture its soo sweet :)Robbie Looks like gentle giant