Saturday, July 30, 2005

ah, 'normal' life ..

i know, i've been scarce. after several emails and a phone call or two, i decided to come out of my funk and post something. i really have a good reason ...

i've been struggling for the last few weeks with fatigue and just plain overwork and stress.

having robby back home has been great, but it has been very tiring. he's moved in our back bedroom on the first floor of the house and has taken over the downstairs livingroom. it sounds like a big house, but it's really not ... we put a second floor on a sweet little cottage ten years ago but decided to make half of the upstairs floor another living room. bill and i have a huge bedroom, a large bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and the living room upstairs.

it's worked out quiet well.

robby now has his girlfriend and a few friends over - what a joy to have him around the house - and since we've moved some furniture around, i now have the computer upstairs. that's where i am now.

robby and his girlfriend, milly, have been struggling with some sort of flu the last week and guess who got it next? yup, me. *sigh*

so, i've come up from the couch and my migraine long enough to post this, and now i'm back to the couch and a movie. *sigh* i don't like being sick.

but ... this is my quiet time of year, so i do not have to see another client until tuesday night. i'll rest until then.

thanks friends for calling me out. i'll back back ... sometime ...


Gayla said...

Nice to see you post again, C.

Wow, I'm just sitting here picturing this answered prayer of yours. Your son HOME! I know you're going thru some struggles with him, but God is faithful. He will bring it to pass.

Hope you're all on the road to recovery and feeling better soon.

Love you~

WES ELLIS said...

hope you get better, flu sucks.

Carolyn said...

thanks for watching out, guys. it's nice to know that others care ... *smooches* and *hugs*

Gayla said...

Carolyn, the name of the book is, stumbling toward faith. If you click on the title in my post about it, it takes you to her website, and you can order it.

saltnlight said...

I really miss you Carolyn :( feel better and call me when u get the chance. I love you. :D

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, nice! So good to read another Sister's passion for the Lord and her day-to-day life in His love.
~ Annie

Carolyn said...

michelle, i love you too and miss you so much. good to see you're still buzzing around. get that blog going, girl! hope to see you very soon.

annie, welcome. i wish i had the time to post more, but that's just life, huh? please stop by any time!!!