Friday, August 22, 2008

Tests updates

We had a difficult time getting Bill through to the hospital for a scan of his stomach. First the order was "lost" between our MD and the surgeon - not once but twice - then he finally made it in to see the surgeon and he was going on vacation for a week. *sigh* The OR was closed to elective proceedures so we had to wait a week for that. The surgeon referred us to another one to get it done through emergency and he dropped the ball and booked us for the first day the OR opened again. *ack*

Then the next surgeon only looked at the stomach through the scope and not into the duodenum, which is where the thickening is. He came out to tell us that there is significant ulceration *eek* and that Bill must have been in some serious pain! *yup*

When I asked about the tumour he looked at me with a blank stare. We shared the results of the other tests - ultrasound, CT, etc. - and he left us there to get a copy of the former tests.
An hour later this dear man comes back to say that he should have looked, but now that Bill is out, he cannot put him under anethestic again so we have to wait for a few months to have another scope.

The thickening could be from old gallbladder surgery 30 years ago and made worse by the kidney removal last year or it could be a return of the cancer. They're not sure.

And we have to wait another couple of months.



We are thankful to have the ulcerations diagnosed because Bill has had some pretty severe pain and now he can add some more medication to his cocktail to ease that pain.

I find myself so tired these days and I do not want to whine, but I guess that is what this place is for, if only I read it. I need to press into the Lord even further than before for His strength because it can be so difficult to pour out to clients and church members without having my own batteries recharged.

I'm thinking of going away for a few days to a Catholic retreat center very close to my home and see if some quiet prayer and meditation away from the phones and the temptation to clean or paint will lift my mood.

You know, through it all, God is so very faithful. Thank you for the two faithful friends who dropped in here almost as soon as I posted ... you two are dear, sweet women and I thank you for your sweet comments.


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annie said...

Difficult--and not at all healthy for you--to pour out to others with your own batteries uncharged. Hope you get to go away for a few days to recharge.

Your poor husband. It seems so unfair to have to wait while the medical people get themselves together. I pray the medicine helps and the medical people will be able to get to what is going on very soon.

As for whining, I don't think you are. I think it's hard for "professional listeners" to have a safe place to "dump" and this is your place. And maybe there are some of us out here who are appointed to be listeners to the listeners because in the end, it is about all we can do, other than to mutter something like God bless, and be well, sister (which may or may not be helpful).