Monday, August 25, 2008

The fulfillment of prophecy!

Bill and I were given prophecy over three years ago that we would be spiritual parents to certain young people. We were told that these would come, be mentored and loved, would leave ... some would return, others would embark upon God's plan for their lives and not return. At the time we had no idea how this could have been possible as we had little contact with our own children, none of them at the time in church.

Stephanie blew into our lives just a mere year and a bit ago, stole the heart of my son, stole our hearts, scared him half to death to the point where he ran away! She was a little too close to his calling as a Pastor. We are thankful that she did not run away from us. She became a huge part of our lives, attended church with us, shared many Sunday dinners, blessed us continually with her amazing Spirit. Even though Bill and I have grown children of our own, whom we love with all of our hearts, Steph was our first Spritual daughter together.

During the last year she has embarked upon a journey with the Lord which has taken her from drinking in a bar to receiving ministry at Cleansing Stream, finishing a College diploma in Child and Youth Worker, and now she is travelling all by herself to Georgia (USA) to go to Bible College.

This journey started with a prophet who visited our church on the very first service Stephanie attended. It was her first time in church in a long time. Well, Pastor Zack called her out of the congregation and spoke words over her life that were only from the Lord. My son was also present ... one of the few times we were able to get him to church. The same prophet spoke a powerful word over him as well.

In a little over a year, all prophecies have been fufilled for Steph. Then, earlier this year, another Pastor visited, this time from a Bible College in Georgia. No doubting, no wondering, this was God's call for her life, and she was in the right place at the right time.

Thanks to my son bringing her into our lives. Isn't that awesome!???

I have rarely seen God move so quickly in another person's life and we had the honour of loving and caring for her as spiritual parents. Her own parents do not attend their Catholic church regularly and had no concept of the spiritual journey Steph was travelling. They are awesome parents and have stood by her ... as of tomorrow morning they will be taking the 12 hour drive to the College with them. An amazing answer to prayer and one that Steph would have thought impossible a year ago.

She believes that she will one day marry my son. I know that the Lord showed me that she was the answer to the prayer I have prayed since he was a tiny child ... to bless and care for his future wife. We do not know how this will happen, but we're also glad that it is not up to us to make it happen.

So, we released her tonight. She came for a visit and we sat and prayed over her, cried, and rejoiced in what God is doing in her life.

What awesome honour it is to be part of another person's life and to have had the opportunity to pour into her life and pray with her as God unfolded what He wanted for her. It is very humbling.

And very, very exciting.

Thank You Lord, may You and only You be glorified in Stephanie's life. Thank You for brining her into our lives and allowing us the precious times that we spent together. We release her Lord into Your mighty Hand and trust You to bring her back when the time is right. Bless her, Lord. Strengthen her, build her, mess her up and put her back together again. I ask that You anoint us to minister to her from afar and to be the support in prayer and love that she deserves and more. I pray that You go before her every step of this journey and anoint her to do all that You have called her to do. May the journey be only as difficult as it needs to be to stretch her, but I intercede for her that the time spent away will be fulfilling and exciting as only You can orchestrate. May her days be filled with God Breezes. As you form her into the image of Christ, may she be blessed as much as she is a blessing and more. I thank You for the plans You have for her. In the Precious Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


annie said...

Amen to all that you have asked for her. I know it was hard to see her go. What an amazing story!

Carolyn said...

Annie you can have no idea how much i appreciate your faithfulness in reading this blog and your lovely comments _ thank you and may GOD bless you!

stephanie<>< said...

awwww.... mom i love you too so very much! i am so happy to hear that i have blessed you and bill! you both have made an incredible impact on my life and i am so thankful that God has allowed me to become a part of your family! i look forward to the years ahead when we will minister together in Jesus' name! May all glory and honor be unto Him!

love today and always,

Carolyn said...

awwww, Steph. You have no idea how proud we are of you and the choices you have made. You are a blessing and you deserve the very best ... and then some more. You are a Kingdom Treasure and a mighty Warrior of God.