Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

I was thinking this morning about the liturgical passion week from my former Lutheran church and how much I missed it.

Lent, the fasting and praying
The looking within
Palm Sunday and the procession of the palms
Maundy Thursday and the seder meal with the washing of feet ... and the stripping of the altar, all of us leaving in silence and prayer.
Good Friday Service ... solemn and quiet. ... the procession out to the back yard of the church which is up on a hill and can been seen for many miles. There we always erected three crude crosses ...
Easter Sunday sunrise service
The celebration and the looking for the Allelujah banner.

I miss that.

This morning I walked into my beloved Pentecostal church to be greeted with palm branches (!!!!!) and a wonderful service with an incredible sermon. I had missed the mid week Pastoral meeting because I was so busy with the funeral and the parents. What a blessing.

I don't know if it is the fasting or the place I am right now, but the Lord is showing me things that are His heart in a precious new way.

I am so thankful for Stephanie and Robby. That the Lord's promises and blessings and love - all are new every morning.

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