Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good news ...

Robert is engaged!!

He started dating an old friend a while ago. They have been spending a lot of time together as friends and have really been having a good time. I liked her from the moment I met her.

Robby came to me a week ago and asked if there is any way that one can know that "this is the one" so quickly and with such security? Oh yes, we can.

She is the sweetest girl! You can easily see it from the picture. I've never seen Robby so happy and so content.

The best part ... she is a Christian! And a lovely one at that. She loves the Lord so much. What a blessing.

Last week, we painted the new condo - well, the Kitchen, Livingroom and diningroom. We had a great time and really got to know each other. We had Christian music playing - quite load - and found we like the same artists. We were singing ... well, I was really very, very blessed. She bought me a present - and a card thanking me for welcoming her into the family with open arms.

I couldn't do anything else.

For all the dark times and the concern I have had for Robby and his future ... and for the many prayers ... God is really returning with joy.


~m2~ said...

oh my Gosh!!!

wow, i thought it was going to be millie, but look at what God does, all by Himself ;)

i miss you - perhaps we can connect soon, okay my sister?

Carolyn said...


Yes, and God did it all by Himself. Milly was gone in November, Robby had a few "interests" but nothing serious until Stephanie and she swept him off his feet.


lorna (see through faith) said...

congrats and heaps and heaps of blessings :)

can't wait to meet her ...

Carolyn said...

Won't that be a blast, Lorna!?!

She is wonderful to talk to the Lord about ... she's a real soul mate for me as well as for Robby.

Penni, you want to join us???

God is good.

Carolyn said...

I forgot to say that they will not be getting married for about 2 years. She is attending University for Psychology and he is attending University for Theology. She will be getting her Master's in Christian Counselling around the same time he does ... can you imagine?

I'm over the moon with thankfulness and joy.

When I consider where he was a short two years ago, God be praised.

Anonymous said...

This is most wonderful news, Carolyn!!

I'm so happy for Robby!!!!