Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On a Brighter Note ... College Days

Robert started College this week. He is taking classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. It is so much fun to be walking around the College with him ... to see the reaction of all the people who have prayed so faithfully for him for 6 years! He is truly a walking miracle.

He has taken it so seriously! He sits in class and types away his notes from the lectures on his laptop. He sits on the edge of his seat and listens, really listens. (Must I admit that I sneak a peak from time to time???)

He talks about the classes, what the profs are talking about and how he feels about the politics of the day. It is so awesome to see how God is pouring out favour over this boy. He is completely different at school.

He is with me in the office and is presently overseeing the Psychological testing for my new clients. It is so sweet to see him dressed in his suit and looking so darn 'old' and 'mature'! Where do the days go?

Tonight as we were driving home (at 10:00 - eek) he said that he didn't want to leave the College because the Spirit is so sweet there.

In the midst of all of our hell at home, I am living and watching a real live miracle unfold before my eyes.

The enemy is a stinker.

Do you hear me? The enemy is a stinker.

He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. It breaks my heart how Bill is walking along side him and attempting to ruin this precious time. I hate being in the middle, but for a few sweet moments at school - and at the office - I am living a miracle!


Lorna said...

Carolyn. Your email is bouncing back. Please please email me
firstname.surname AT gmail DOT com (link from my blog) with your number and I'll call you. I can't find my diary ... (blush)

Carolyn said...

Hi! I don't know why ... try me at carolyn dot ross at rogers dot com

i'll try you tonight.

Anonymous said...

You were prayed for this morning, my friend.

Carolyn said...

Thank you,Gayla, please keep praying.

It was lovely to talk to you today,Lorna.

I ended up with a major panic attack and had to cancel all of my appointments today.

I truly feel like I am dying.

Lorna said...

Carolyn, Jesus died so that you would have life to the full. Take this to Him. Listen to what He says. Seek His kingdom . He will prevail

sister it was so lovely to speak toyou. The miles dropped away. Wish I could have hugged you though


Carolyn said...

Thank you, Lorna. This has been one of the most difficult times of my life. Although I am feeling much stronger today ... I am away from the house and settled nicely in a new condo.

I'll fill in more when I have a spare moment from unpacking and organizing to share the entire process. It has been interesting to say the least.

Bill needs prayer, he has not dealt with this well and I know I need some time away to get myself stable physically, emotionally and spiritually.

God is good. There is nothing that happens to us that He cannot put together. it is painful to watch the outworking of the problem with the mould, but exciting at the same time to watch how the Lord is going to work this through.

For those who have called and I could not return your call ... the broken blackberry should explain a lot.

For those who have caught me ... thank you. Your words and your voices have so eased my heart during this time.

God is good.