Monday, November 20, 2006

The Keeping Power of God

As I slowly start to dig myself out of this dark place, I am so aware of the Keeping Power of God. He has been here through it all. Sometimes He is as quiet as a whisper, sometimes He bellows through the screaming of my soul to tell me He is here.

How I long to be baqck in the place of peace and rest, but I realize that it is a short lived place sometimes, when the Lord has more refining work to do in my life. He's had that iron out and the bleach taste is still in my mouth, but I know without a doubt that He is working in and through me for my own good. And those of my clients.

None of my clients have this address, I don't know how they would react to the inner squacking of my spirit ... I have been overwhelmed at the anointing and wisdom that comes out of this woman's mouth when someone comes in pain trusting that I can lead them out of their wilderness. Many can see I am in my own, but isn't it awesome that God can minister to them in and through mine???? It is awe inspiring.

I often cry out ... how come You don't break through mine, LORD??!!! ... and He tells me ... Be still, Child. I am still God.


He is good.

As dark as it gets, there are awesome rays of Sonshine that break through. He is always behind the clouds and we need those clouds to bring the right conditions for the soaking rain of God to refresh.

I'm waiting, Lord.

I think I felt a drop ....


LutheranChik said...

Happy Delurking Week...just surfing through.

A Heart of Worship said...

by Steven Curtis Chapman

These are the places I was so sure I'd find him
I looked in the pages and I looked down on my knees
I lifted my eyes in expectation
To see the sun still refusing to shine, But

Sometimes He comes in the clouds
Sometimes His face can not be found
Sometimes the sky is dark and gray
But some things can only be known
And sometimes are faith can only grow
When we can't see
So sometimes he comes in the clouds

Sometimes I see me, a sailor out on the ocean
So brave and so sure, as long as the skies are clear
But when the clouds to gather
I watch my faith turn to fear, But...


Sometimes he comes in the rain
And we question the pain
And wonder why God can seem so far away
But time will show us, he was right there with us, and


Carolyn said...

Thank you, that was beautiful! So fitting.

A Heart of Worship said...

I should have left you this link, so you can actually hear the song:


Carolyn said...

LJ, thank you for the link. I had not heard the song, believe it or not. It is beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear today. You've really heard the Lord today for me. Thankyou. Hugs.

Lorna said...

blessings and love to you Carolyn. From a sister who is also in a dark spot - but who also knows that God's light always shines for us.