Monday, June 12, 2006

A rare morning off ...

I am sitting here enjoying a rare morning off. I am enjoying a ton of blogs, catching up on everyone's lives. Penni over at marthamartha has a new tattoo ... Lorna at see-through-faith has been riding her bike ... gayla at heartjourney has an arteest for a son, he has painted an amazing self portrait. It's been a nice morning.

I will be hosting a late night - actually middle of the night - TV show Night Lite Livevery early tomorrow morning. Because of that, I have booked all of my clients for the later part of this day so I can rest and prepare for the show.

I've been a guest on the show several times ... it still amazes me that they would think I would have anything to share, but people are interested in how God carries one through their trials and tribulations! I'm so thankful for the presence of the Lord in my life and my heart!

My choice for guest is a friend of mine. She is one of the Pastors at my new Church and has such an amazing story to tell. She is truly one of my favourite people and I love to spend time listening to her talk about the Lord and what He is doing in her life.

Like me, she has come from a non-practicing Christian family and found herself in the bottom of the pit at one point in her life. But she looked up ... she saw Jesus and she took His Hand.

What He has done in her life since then is amazing. The best part is, she doesn't see it! She just sees herself as a kid ... and she gets to have fun with other kids. It works. It works big time.

She has a children's ministry that is explosive! Her services on Wednesday nights has no less than 100 kids and usually over 150! Can you imagine!?? They have a ball ... I'm so thrilled to be part of her life and to watch God work through her!

It's just too bad that you cannot watch it online. I am fully expecting that God will do an awesome work through her tonight. Please do say a prayer for Laura. I believe this is going to launch her into something really big!!


~m2~ said...

how could anyone NOT want to have you on their show?

pshaaawww :)

(did you get my email? my email's been screwy, so reply to thankie :)

Carolyn said...

no, I didn't get your email ... I'll email you now.

The show was amazing! We have it on a not so good quality DVD because DH put it on 8 hours quality so that he could sleep ... I'll send you a copy when we get it uploaded!!!

saltnlight said...

I did not see the show this morning, so sorry. I normally fall asleep with channel 9 on so NightLite is on ...but not lately. But I have actually heard you on there previously. Your going to laugh..I heard you talking, thought I was dreaming, looked at the tv and said "oh no shes just on tv...not dreaming" rolled over and went back to sleep.I was thinking to myself "I have heard her say that before..." BTW You are fantastic!! You have a great testamony to give and are such a wonderful friend, pastor and mentor why wouldn't anyone want to be in your pressence. You rock!! God has Fantabulous things in store for you:) I love you and DH ;)Keep in touch Michele

see-through faith said...

Laura!!! I met her :) and she's wonderful. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious :)

God's will for her life -but I'd say she's already in something BIG :)

be blessed sis ... I ache for you :(

Carolyn said...

Aw, Lorna. I am truthful when I say I ache for you. You're such a dear. God is not finished with us yet, dear one. We'll see each other this side of heaven.

see-through faith said...